who is this for?

Austin, tx
2 night festival
may 21st-23rd

Those who are on a spiritual adventure and want to join others who are on the path of Human OPTIMIZATION.

The Magic Wanders Fest will create a safe space dedicated to community, art, and self-expression. You are encouraged to create a camp where you share gifts, art, food, services, etc.

Those who are looking TO CREATE A radical inclusive SPACE centered around love - for yourself and the tribe.

We all miss genuine human interaction after 2020. This Magic Wanders Fest is a judgement free zone filled of love, yoga, meditation, lake fun, dancing, glitter, and just all around good vibes! We will rest and spend our weekend creating magical vibes. 

2 night
camping retreat

a period of celebration

We have all survived 2020. Now is the time to come together, create a safe space, and celebrate life as community.

The Magic Wanders Fest is a two night camping festival on Lake Travis with yoga, meditation, workshops, and all the magic we create as a collective.

•Tea + Raw Vegan Breakfast
•Morning Meditation + Yoga
•Releasing Ceremony

Day 3 : Goodbyes

•Tea + Raw Vegan Breakfast
•Morning Gong Yoga
•Workshops + Classes + Meditations
•Evening Ceremony

Day 2 : The journey

•Arrive - Camp Setup
    There will be an award for the best   
•Raw Vegan Dinner - Catered
•Opening Circle
•Evening Bonfire Ceremony

night 1: Arrive

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are you ready for a
fun + high vibe weekend?!



The magic wanders Fest is the place where creatives come together to create a space where magic happens

Two nights of camping at the most magical location on lake travis - Windy Point Park. Bring your own tent. Bring your own food and just come vibe out in a community setting.

There will be a prize for the best camp set up!! 


Yoga + mediation

Join us in multiple yoga + meditation sessions during the weekend. Strech your body - calm your mind and just tune into yourself. Yoga + Meditation are a great tool to tap into your soul and awaken your inner magic. 


All weekend,  we will have amazing facilitators come and share their magic with us. Let's create a sacred space where we all come to raise our vibration and tune into the magic.


What is Magic? Magic is to feel like everyday's your birthday. Magic is making every day the best day of your life. Magic is when you sparkle from the inside out. There is magic everywhere, and come to The Magic Wanders to find your glow. 

WHAT Do I bring?

• Tent
• Camp Set up
• Air Mattress / Pillows / Blankets
• Food + Cooler
• Water
• Yoga Mat
• Your favorite Clothes
• Swimsuit + Towel 
• Lamp
• Water Bottle
• Sunscreen
• Utensils + Plates
• All the fun stuff you want! 

Where is the retreat?

The retreat is at Windy Point Park in Austin, Tx. We will have our own private section of the park for our community. 

Do I have to Camp?

YES! You must camp to attend the festival. This event is about coming together as a community and I want you to enjoy the full experience.

Camping Passes are separate but you only need 1 pass per tent, so room with your buddies to save some $$$.

Your group will bring everything needed for camping - tent, air mattress, pump, blankets, pillow, etc! 

Where do i park?

Parking is free at the venue! You will park your car, and load all your camping gear into a wagon to bring to your designated site. 

When you arrive at the festival - you will check-in, and be assigned your camp number. Please arrive on time - as activities will start promptly at 6:00pm on friday night. 

What are your covid precautions?

This is an outdoor event, so no masks will be required. 

WASH HANDS / HAND SANITIZING STATIONS - Guests are encouraged to wash hands for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizing station often.

**If you have any CoVID symptoms, please stay at home. 

Are Meals Included?

A raw vegan dinner will be catered each night, as well as a vegan continental breakfast. 

Please bring your own snacks + lunch. It is strongly suggested that you bring only vegan food so that we can keep the vibes high! 

There's also an option at ticket sales to get a 5 juice cleanse added to your weekend. 


• Picnic Tables
• Grills
•Changing Facilities
•Free Air 
•Portable Washrooms
•Rinse Off Showers
•Bottle water - $2


We have gathered some magical humans to come share their gifts with you at this festival. We will have yoga, meditation, ayurveda, dance, art, sound baths, and so much more! 

Your ticket includes all workshops all weekend so feel free to set up your yoga mat and just vibe out through all the workshops. 


FESTIVAL ADMISSION: All guests must purchase GA or VIP Admission no matter what.

CAMPING PASSES: If you are camping with a group, one camping pass is required per group, NOT per person.

Allowed & Prohibited Items

•NO Bad Vibes
•NO Illegal substances
•NO Weapons of any kind
•NO Fireworks or any kind of explosives
•NO Tiki Torches
•NO Animals

•YES Hydration Packs
•YES LED Lights
•YES Costumes are encouraged!
•YES Water Floating Devices
•YES Cameras (anything but pro equipment – GoPros OK)

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