In my journey I have realized that your inner world is directly correlated to the success of not only your business, but every aspect of your life. After doing the work and building my career, I was craving a community of other entrepreneurs to do this journey with - and The Dream Space Community was born. A community where we build genuine connections and make our dreams a reality together.  

The Dream Space

You are FULLY committed to making your dreams a reality. You are no longer willing to settle for anything less.

You are ready to do the inner + outer work to make your dreams a reality.

You desire to achieve your dreams with the support of a sisterhood community cheering you on.

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What is the Dream Space Community?

I realized that life is one big ceremony. There is no need for magic mushrooms. You are already in it girlfriend. Lets use the magic to make all your dreams come true.



You can do it all alone - but why would you want to? I know after these last few years I am craving community - especially sisterhood. The power of community is real.



I have been on a journey for the last 8 years to realize my real dream is to do everything I can to help you on your journey to your dreams. We all have a dream and it is our life path to make our dreams come true, if we accept the mission. 

Dream coaching


Working for yourself can be overwhelming. Sometimes it would be nice to bounce ideas off people, to ask for help, to have support and The Dream Space does just that.



As this container and community grows and evolves their is going to be many surprises and sprinkles of extra magic along the way.

Unlimited magic


Apply for The Dream Space Community

The Dream Space is by application only to ensure that you are ready to be apart of our community! 

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March 11th
Full Day In person Ceremony

Bi weekly co working spaces**

Accountability Buddy

Daily Voxer Support





The Container is quarterly based on the season. The beta launch cost is $377 for the whole container.
Payment plans available.


  • Heavyily Discounted Photoshoots + 1:1 coaching 
  • Co working Events
  • quarterly PLanning
  • Zoom Q+A Coaching
  • Daily voxer support

more stuff

February 5th 
Zoom Q + A Coaching

Bi weekly co working spaces**

Accountability Buddy

Daily Voxer Support

January 15th 
 Application cut off + Payment due

January 20th 
 Full Day in Person Ceremony

Bi weekly co working spaces
Accountability Buddy
Daily Voxer Support

Apply now

* This is a sober ceremony space and any substance usage is not allowed.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”


"Remember Life, Just As It Happened.
Messy. Magical. Perfect."


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